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FP’s most flexible mailing system has a user-friendly touch screen and whisper-quiet operation, making it one of the easiest-to-operate, most appealing meters on the planet.

  • 30, 45, 65, or 85 letters per minute
  • Semi-automatic or fully-automatic feed
  • 5-200 departmental accounts
  • Available in six colors
  • Up to 15lb scale
  • USPS Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) with MailOne 2.0 Software

FP Mailing Solutions

Business Solutions

FP Mailing provides postage meters, mailing systems, mailing equipment, software, and consulting to small-to-medium size businesses in thousands of different industries and fields. If your business or organization handles more than a handful of mailing pieces each day, mailing automation can help you gain efficiencies, save money, and generate more revenue.

PostBase 45

PostBase ONE

Meet the biggest member of the FP Enterprise Series, the PostBase™ ONE. This machine is large enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way.

• Postal Vertical Feeding: Load it up. With its vertical design, you can load the PostBase ONE with a variety of envelope sizes.

• Automatic Feeder: Once your mail is loaded, PostBase ONE will automatically start feeding envelopes for postage.

• Sealer: Get the perfect seal on all your envelopes ensuring complete security and confidentiality.

• Dynamic Scale: The dynamic scale can weigh up to 100 letters per minute while analyzing the weight and shape of the mail piece.

• Full Color Touch Screen: The simple icon driven touch screen provides a seamless user experience.

• Label Dispenser: The built-in label dispenser makes sending thicker mail and packages convenient. Weigh the package on the scale and press print label.

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