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Exceptional commitment to customer support.

Recipient of Konica Minolta's "Pro-Tech Service Award" for 2016

Service, Support and Satisfaction -- Second to none!

KOMAX Business Systems is the recipient of the prestigious Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Service Award for 2016. These skilled technical specialists have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to customer support and training to make this happen. Bravo! KOMAX team!


As your Konica Minolta Pro-Tech dealer, we are committed to your satisfaction - and Konica Minolta reflects this commitment through its organization. Of all major manufacturers in our industry, Konica Minolta was the first to offer a program of this kind and continues its leadership role by setting the highest standards of performance, service and support. The nationwide network of Konica Minolta dealers offers a state-of-the-art product lineup that is unsurpassed.


The Pro-Tech award gives every Konica Minolta customer a distinct advantage: the assurance of knowing that your Konica Minolta dealers have the skills, the training and the dedication to keep your equipment operating at the peak of productivity. If you're choosing a technology partner, that's an advantage worth considering.

ENX magazine - Elite Dealer Award

Once Again ENX Magazine Recognized KOMAX Business Systems as an Elite Dealer

KOMAX is proud to announce that for the fifth year we have been recognized as an Elite Dealer by industry publication ENX Magazine. Criteria for this award, includes but is not limited to staying current on technology, focus on relationships, a service-first approach, and community commitment and support.

KOMAX is the only office equipment dealer in West Virginia that has ever been recognized as an Elite Dealer. We would like to thank our customers and future customers, without which this honor would not be possible.